Free Pree Summer Fest Highlight: Amplified Heat

The Free Press Summer Fest, like most other big music festivals, makes most of its money by securing big name acts. However, there are always plenty of local, smaller name acts just waiting to play their music for as many potential new fans as possible.

One such band is Amplified Heat, Austin’s very own next-gen psychedelic, heavy blues trio. Jim, Gian and Chris Ortiz (yes, they are brothers) burst onto the Austin scene in the mid-00s. The bros Ortiz have taken what was once an almost generic style of music and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Celebrating their new record, “On the Hunt,” Amplified Heat take the stage June 4th. I couldn’t find them on the stage listings, so pay attention and get out there early.

And for anyone who would like to see them in a more intimate setting they will be playing tonight, May 21st at the Continental Club downtown. You won’t catch Weezer doing that.

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